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Matthew Close is a graduate from Florida State University. Matthew has always had a niche for helping others as he understands the process it takes to become better and make lifestyle changes. He strives to inform people on how to live a healthy lifestyle, prevent injuries and improve movement patterns. He takes a holistic viewpoint into his training where the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional all play a role in achieving their goals. Matthew thrives on making sure first and foremost that his clients working hard, having fun and most of alI achieving there goals. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys outdoor activities, gymnastics, salsa and bachata dancing , cooking and playing the piano.

Specializing in Movement, Golf Performance, Strength Training, Flexibility and Mobility. 

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Co - Owner

Elodie Garnier is a French fitness instructor and group classes specialist since 2011. After graduating college with a Master’s Degree in Sports Management she continued her passion for health and wellness by becoming a certified fitness coach in France.  After that she traveled abroad and worked in Morocco, Africa for 4 years where she did personal training and taught strengthening, pilates and aerobic dance classes which she competed professionally. With her high energy, she motivates, inspires and encourages people to achieve all of their goals. She always makes sure you are having an amazing experience to feel energized, refreshed and enjoying every moment. 

Specializing in Strength Training, Pilates, Aquatic Fitness, Yoga, Aerobic Dance and Weight Loss

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